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Multifunctional thermo-activator controlled by LCD-TFT touch-screen display, 15 pre-set programmes, automatic movement of components, powerful ventilation, ozone and negative ion emission. Intuitive, simple to use and reliable.
Suitable for both technical treatments and drying.


The most advanced on the market, SPACE, in addition to the introduction of the Touch-screen control system, can also boast a new concept of heat irradiation by means of carbon heaters and powerful ventilation. This allows SPACE to manage a wide range of treatments, reducing the exposure time.
By virtue of its 15 pre-set programmes, the controlled emission of ozone and negative ions, the total moving coverage of the hairstyle, with a ventilation scale with twenty speed levels, the appliance not only performs technical treatments with extraordinary effectiveness but can also be used as a drying helmet.


The graphics of the software have been designed and created to be as intuitive and immediately usable as a normal smart-phone. The display can be chosen from 5 languages: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

With its large screens thanks to its 6-inch touchscreen, you always have everything under control, with the working parameters clearly displayed and all editable with a simple touch even during operation.

With the synchronised extended movement of components, it allows for uniform treatment of the hairstyle with faster and more balanced results.

The internal volume of SPACE is such that it can treat any hairstyle and allow direct control and intervention by the hairdresser during operation.

Ozone, a characteristic oxidising agent for chemical and natural products, with controlled emission, speeds up the activation of treatments, educing exposure times.

The controlled emission of negative ions is beneficial, as it breaks down the water molecules, which are rapidly absorbed by the hair, causing it to dry much faster, thus exposing it less to thermal stress and consequently reducing the possibility of damage.

SPACE is equipped with 8 carbon resistances, this technology does not heat the air, but the surfaces in order to guarantee an immediate heating. In addition, compared to normal halogen resistances, it has the following further advantages: ability to store good quantities of heat (therefore less consumption), long lasting, can be recycled, has no thermal expansion, does not generate dangerous magnetic fields.

5 powerful new generation fans positioned inside the heating elements controlled by a speed scale from 1 to 20 allow the appliance to also be used for drying.

The 15 preset SPACE programmes always have the components moving at different speeds, but can be adjusted or stopped at any time during treatment to be positioned to direct heat or ventilation where needed.

At the end of each treatment, SPACE goes into standby mode and its components are automatically positioned closed upwards. When not in use, this allows the unit to take up minimal space, both in the base and arm versions.

In the wall version the equipment is powered through a swiveling connection placed inside the arm and then without any floating wire. You will be free to move it as you like.